PLS for GIS-Good links for more information

Recently at the NC AUG Eastern Symposium, the question of who will have to have a PLS in the future to do GIS work came up. Some discussions have ensured between me and some fellow professionals and as a result some good information has been shared with me and I’m posting that information here. If you are working in GIS in NC, you should definitely take an interest in this topic and stay informed.

Article by Kristian Forslin, GISP, PLS is the GIS coordinator for the North Carolina Railroad Company.
NC PLS Grandfathering Provision for GIS Professionals – Purpose and Origin of the Program

GIS Inclusions/Exclusions Guidelines – April 2008, Revised October 2011    
North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyor

Kathi Cotney, GISP

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