NAPSG Foundation Webinars

Many of you have asked us how to access the recorded Virtual Training sessions that The National Alliance For Public Safety GIS Foundation regularly hosts.  Below is a link to the location on our website for all of our training sessions.  NAPSG Resources  But, below we highlight the training sessions that we have held so far in 2014.
FDNY & The Super Bowl 
An inside-the-hood training session on how the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) developed and utilized geospatial capabilities during the most recent Super Bowl.  This training session was led by Captain Steven Pollackov.Download Here


DHS Geospatial Information InfrastructureThe GII is the DHS geospatial enterprise platform containing data services, applications services, and infrastructure built to meet common geospatial requirements across the broad DHS mission space.  The GII architecture consists of geo visualization services, private and public enterprise data.  DHS private data services, hosted in DHS’s hardened datacenter, support access to secure but unclassified data, including the Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection (HSIP) Gold, DHS Mission data, and data feeds from mission partners like USGS, NOAA, NORTHCOM, etc.  Additionally, the base map imagery services, geocoding and other services leverage public data services including Microsoft, Google and ESRI.  Both private and public data services can be accessed and displayed within a simple mapping environment and can be stored and shared within the GII environment.
This session was led by Lew Summers, DHS
Download Here
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