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Triangle Area GIS | My picks for URISA Board Elections-cast your vote by ​September 2​!

My picks for URISA Board Elections-cast your vote by ​September 2​!

For those interested, here are my pics for the URISA board. Two of them are NC GISers! If you are a member of URISA, please vote!

  • Teresa Townsend is my TAG co-founder and works tirelessly to advance our profession and serve our GIS interest,
  • James Armstrong worked in NC for a long time and has heavy ties to our professional community, although he now works in Boston, MA.
  • My third pick is Brent Jones, and my reasons for selecting him are because I’ve talked with him in depth about current issues here in our state and I know he is knowledgeable about our current GIS climate.I’m sure all of them would do a fabulous job representing us at the national level.


Dear URISA Member:

You have a very important responsibility … selecting the individuals who will represent you, and the organization overall, on the URISA Board of Directors. Following is the list of candidates for URISA President-Elect and for Directors on the Board. Those individuals who are elected will begin their three-year terms at the close of GIS-Pro 2016 in Toronto on November 3.


FOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS—(to fill 3 positions)

Each candidate has provided information about his/her professional background, education, and activities, along with his/her vision for URISA. Please read and thoughtfully consider each candidate’s qualifications and be sure to note your choices so that you may quickly complete the electronic ballot. The information (biography and statements) is NOT repeated on the ballot.

Get to Know the Candidates

Again, after you have decided which candidates you wish to vote for, proceed to the ballot and cast your vote by September 2.

Important Note: for verification purposes on the ballot, you will be asked to fill in your URISA Member ID Number and your Last Name.


Thank you in advance for your participation. Your vote directly impacts URISA’s future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Wendy Nelson
Executive Director, URISA
(847) 824-6300

P.S. If you wish to cast your vote using a printed ballot, please let me know right away. We’ll send you a copy promptly.


1 Comment

  1. Teresa Townsend - August 4, 2016, 7:30 pm

    Kathi- thank you very much for your recommendation! I am genuinely honored to be nominated for president and would appreciate your votes!

    The board slate before you is comprised of individuals with great contributions in the industry and to URISA. All of these nominees have extensive experience and offer great talent and commitment to URISA. I have had the pleasure of working with these folks and wanted to offer a few highlights on each proposed board members: James- you all know him- James has his roots here in North Carolina and has worked on some key initiatives for URISA’s Chapters. James also brings an in-depth knowledge of both Planning and GIS — sharing my two favorite discipline areas. Judy- I have known for years- she is very dedicated and has been instrumental in Public Participation in GIS and is a small business owner. She is a wonderful person and always willing to contribute her time and efforts to the industry. Brent- some of you know him as well. Brent has also been involved for years in URISA and has served across many committees and initiatives. I have valued many of the ideas he has brought to the table from his broad range of experience across many sectors. I know Robb very well having worked and presented with him for years both in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and URISA. . He has worked in local and private sectors and brings fun and great ideas to the organization. He is a regular conference presenter and serves on several URISA committees. Diana has also been a great asset to URISA and has played a very active role both on the Vanguard Committee and as your current GISPro Chair. Whatever the task- Diana always jumps in. I have had the direct experience in working with Brian as well on several local and federal online applications – Brian brings great ideas and strong technical expertise overall.

    So – that probably doesn’t make your selection any easier as they are all great choices but hopefully gives you a little more insight.

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