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“Making Maps that Tell Stories” Duke Center for Documentary Studies $295/8Wks

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8 week course on map-making this fall through Duke Center for Documentary Studies continuing ed. It’s a great opportunity for grad students or faculty who are thinking of using maps in their research to get an overview of the possibilities of mapping and some grounding in basic skills.

“Maps can do much more than tell us how to get from point A to point B (which is, in itself, a kind of narrative!). Map making is not traditionally considered one of the documentary arts, but there are myriad examples of artists and cartographers who have used maps and atlases to tell rich stories about places and people. In this course we’ll learn the basics of what makes a map and practice basic tools and techniques for creating narrative maps. Students will work in small groups on a mapping project over the course; projects will be jointly decided by the students and instructor. (20 hours/All Levels)”-program website.

Meetings are Thursday evenings 6 – 8:30 PM from Sept 11 – Oct 30th at Duke Center for Documentary Studies.

Registration is here:

Tim Stallmann (919)260-8155

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