GICC Working Group Formed

If you work in GIS and are not scheduled for your retirement party-you should be paying attention. Important things are happening.

If you are scratching your head, wondering ‘Who is the GICC? What’s a GICC Working Group? Why should I care?’ You can go here to find out more information about the GICC and their role in our profession, and you can get specific information about this working group here, along with a list of the members.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important discussions in GIS today. It’s also not just a state-level issue. Many states in the US are currently creating similar requirements and court cases have already begun. There’s new words to go with this issue too. Try ‘Spatial Law’ on for size. ESRI staff gave me that one, and we will probably hear it again in the future.

There are some changes already in force that a lot of people may not be aware of, and the GICC work group discussions about to begin will further affect the situation. BTW-Don’t let the term ‘surveyor’ mislead you. The first thought most of us have is ‘Well, I don’t do surveying, so this doesn’t impact me.” But what we are really discussing is who can create specific datasets, methods that will be allowed, accuracy required, and documentation and what licenses will be needed in different context. So, do you work for a consulting firm? do they have the right licenses in place? Do you work in government and vet contractors? Are you relocating to a state with a similar requirement? Not staying on top of this issue will certainly have a consequence too, even if you’re job title doesn’t involve the word survey.

In other words: You should be paying attention, because this is an important topic for GIS professionals and you need to know what is happening in your profession.

The first meeting of the working group was held August 2nd, in Raleigh. As the work progresses I’ll be posting important information of interest to the GIS professional community through the TAG LinkedIn Group, Twitter and here on TAG (TAGs are: GICC, GIS-PLS).






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