Census Bureau – Summer Webinar Series

Events are listed below and log in information will be posted within seven days of an event on the training site. Webinars are first come, first served. Please log in early as our events have a maximum capacity. Classroom events will require registration.

For more information on our events go to www.census.gov/mso/www/training

1. Understanding the Foreign Trade Regulations

US Census Bureau – June 10, 2014
Learn the rules and responsibilities for all parties involved in an export transaction. Before you export physical goods from the US you must be aware of your role and the reporting requirements.

2. Classifying your Product

US Census Bureau – June 24, 2014
Need help classifying your product for exportation? Learn how to use our intuitive Schedule B Search, and gain an understanding of the classification rules.

3. Learn more about the Export Administration Regulations

Bureau of Industry and Security – July 8, 2014
Gain an understanding of the Export Administration Regulations and the requirements of the Export Control Classification Number. Learn more about dual use products, the Commerce Control List and the new “600 series.”

4. Complying with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations

State Department – July 22, 2014
Find out about the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the US Munitions List. Understand how to be compliant when exporting military and munition items.

5. Sanctions and Embargoes: What it means to you?

Office of Foreign Assets Control – August 5, 2014
Learn about sanctions and embargoes on foreign countries and entities. LEARN best practices to screen denied persons and blocked countries.

6. Utilizing the Features in the AES

US Census Bureau – August 26, 2014
Easily manage your export reporting through AESDirect shipment manager. Learn how to utilize the features in AESDirect to view and track shipments, which can assist you with internal audits.

If log in information is not available for your event feel free to contact us at 301-763-4308.

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