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Triangle Area GIS | Blog Page

Blog Page

GICC Working Group Formed

If you work in GIS and are not scheduled for your retirement party-you should be paying attention. Important things are happening. If you are scratching your head, wondering ‘Who is the GICC? What’s a GICC Working Group? Why should I care?’ You can go here to find out more information about the GICC and their role in our profession, and you can get specific information about this working group here, along with a list of the members. In my opinion, this is one of the most important discussions in GIS today. It’s also not just a state-level issue. Many states in the US are currently creating similar requirements and court cases have already begun. There’s new word... »

Google Hangouts TAG page

This is the Google Hangouts web page. If you are a member of TAG, add it to your Google+ circle and you will get the feed. This is the YouTube Channel for presentations. TAG Events that are marked as ‘having no physical location’ will be hosted via Google/YouTube.   »

TAG Group on LinkedIN Reminder!

Did you know that you can also join the TAG LinkedIn Group? Get announcements, show the badge on your profile. Start or comment on a discussion. Click here to find the group, and submit a request to join. »

GIS Salary Information Sources

Recently there have been a couple folks asking about GIS Salary information sources on the NC GIS List Serve. I thought I might post some of the sources I know about for information about GIS Salary ranges. Keep in mind that salaries will vary from state to state. http://www.gisjobs.com/survey/ http://www.gislounge.com/gis-salary-results/ http://www1.salary.com/GIS-Analyst-I-Salary.html http://www.urisa.org/clientuploads/directory/Documents/Books%20and%20Quick%20Study/OverallFindings11.pdf URISA is also currently conducting an update for their salary survey and looking for input from the GIS Community at large. You can participate by going to – http://www.urisa.org/resources/2014-urisa... »

Have News to Share?

We need you to help us inform our members! Please contact TAG with local happenings and News. (ie..new datasets, portals, conferences, etc.) Send your news item to admin@triangleareagis.com. Thanks! »

GISCorps- #GivingTuesday

Consider supporting URISA’s GISCorps on this #GivingTuesday. Make a tax-deductible contribution and/or complete the application to become a volunteer today. URISA’s GISCorps, founded in 2003, provides volunteer GIS support for underdeveloped countries and supports disaster recovery efforts. GISCorps supports humanitarian relief, emergency response, health and education, local capacity building, and community development. Donations support outreach efforts, clerical assistance, and technology support. For more information about GISCorps’ missions and global impact, visit www.giscorps.org. »

Attention Young GIS Professionals: URISA Vanguard Cabinet is accepting applications!!

Just about a week left for Young GIS Professionals to submit applications for the 2018 URISA Vanguard Cabinethttp://www.urisa.org/vanguardcabinet       »

Incoming URISA President -Teresa Townsend of Raleigh, NC!

Teresa Townsend, CEO of Planning Communities and a Raleigh, NC native, began her term as URISA President at the GIS Pro conference in Jacksonville, FL October 23rd. Congrats Teresa! »

UAS Operations & Analytics Workshop, Oct. 4 – 6

Do you own a drone or plan to purchase one? Do you have drone imagery data but aren’t sure how to process them? Join the Center for Geospatial Analytics and NextGen Air Transportation at NC State University for a hands-on, three-day workshop on Unmanned Aerial Systems. Learn everything you need to know to buy, fly and efficiently use a drone for your business or organization, with hands-on training for UAS operations plus step-by-step guidance for UAS imagery processing. The workshop costs $900 and covers everything from UAS operation basics to advanced imagery processing, with personalized instruction. Sample data, software, and workstations will be provided. Participants are also wel... »

NC SOS – Fall Plat Review Workshop Registration\Locations

Registration is now available for all 5 Fall Plat Review Workshop Locations Fall Plat Review Workshops Details about the workshops as well as registration links are posted to the NCPMA Website News Blog at the link above. These 4-hour Land Records Workshops focus on the Plat Review Process as well as survey implications on the Cadastre (retracements, splits, combinations, recombinations, redivisions). Particular attention will be paid to updates to the law from HB 454 which became effective July 1st. These workshops are intended for Property Mappers, Tax Assessors and staff, Planners, Registers of Deeds and staff, surveyors and staff, as well as any other government employees who deal w... »

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