All You Need to Know about the New GIS&T Body of Knowledge-Webinar 10/28/16 by National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence

All You Need to Know about the New GIS&T Body of Knowledge
Presented By:
Dr. John Wilson, University of Southern California and Dr. Ola Ahlqvist
October 26, 2016
2:00pm (ET) to 3:00pm (ET)

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Did you ever wonder about the Knowledge Areas that contributed to the GISCI Core Technical Exam? Or were you curious about the legacy documents that added toUSGIF’s Essential Body of Knowledge? Join us as we explore the new digital edition of the Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge (GIS&T BoK), published by the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS). Learn how the new GIS&T BoK will continue to guide and support curriculum design and review at multiple levels of education, and understand how you can contribute to the project by authoring and reviewing its content.

UCGIS has taken a vastly new approach with this digital version, the first update since the original GIS&T Body of Knowledge was published in 2006. Over time, all Topics will be converted to full peer-reviewed entries, with an expanded narrative section as well as additional instructional resources. This new and revised content will be updated on a continual basis, and previous versions will be archived quarterly. While all Topics are still associated with ten Knowledge Areas, some of those Knowledge Areas themselves have changed. A full editorial team is in place, and subject-matter experts are encouraged to contribute an entry or two. In this manner UCGIS has designed the product to be a much more current and community-driven publication, reflecting the ways in which GIS&T knowledge and applications continue to expand.

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